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Please fill out this form, print it out and send it and a check made out to:
"Colorado Brass and Jazz"
℅ Colorado Trombone Festival
2410 Condor Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

$40 individual registration
$30 per person for groups of four or more
$50 at door registration

If part of a group, then each member needs to fill out this form, and all group member forms and payment need to be sent in together.

Name of Group(if part of a group) _____________________________________

First Name ______________________________________________________

Last Name ______________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________

City ________________________________ State ________ Zip ___________

Phone (_____)______________________________

Email __________________________________________________________

Year in School (where appropriate) ___________________________________

School Attending _________________________________________________

Describe Level of Playing __________________________________________

Can you read tenor clef? ___________________________________________

Band Director Name _______________________________________________

Private Teacher Name _____________________________________________

Are there any special needs that need to be addressed?____________________